Responsive Website designed for vacation rental owners

Project Details



Client- a startup, that participated in "305XL" accelerator in Miami- offers hospitality management and house sitting services. The actual product offered was an app ( which wasn't live yet), providing pier-to-pier communication between the homeowners, and people from the neighborhood ( Vcino comes from Vicino- Spanish from Neighbour) ready to provide house sitting services in their free time.

Client: Helena Barraza

Role: UX/UI Design

Web Design: Freelance Developer

Project Requirements

I was given the starting requirements for the site, such as:

Home Page:

  • “What we do”

  • Packages

  • A statement that Vcino will take care of everything

  • Testimonials 

  • Highlighting that there is only a flat fee for the services

  • Links to Social Media accounts

  • Links to the current Partners

Other Pages: 

  • Blog

  • Privacy and Rules

  • FAQ

  • Chat Box

Additionally, I was provided with:

  • Pictures of apartments that were currently under the service

  • Testimonials: pictures and comments

  • Branding Book


High-Fidelity Mockups


User Flows

Collaboration with the developer


Tools Used

Pen and Paper 



UX Design Process

As the website was a homepage presenting the future app, that was still in beta testing at that moment, I've started not with the basic requirements given, but asking the client, what the future looks like, what functionality will it offer to the users. Thinking of the business side of the project, I wanted to see if there was something, that we could implement now in the browser version so that Vcino could start gaining client and partner base, while the app was in development, and Vcino was looking for investors.

Instead of designing just a standard landing page, I was seeing it to be a transition version of the app.

Here is where I've seen the opportunities:

As it was mentioned above, the app is a pier-to-pier platform connecting homeowners and "vcinos". So, at this very first stage I found it possible to gain the client base by offering a sign-up option for the future client, asking for the location of their property ( to see, where the first "vcinos" will be needed), the packages to choose from ( to calculate the expected revenue- for investors).

At the same time, this app will not work without a network of "vcinos", so I've included an "Apply" button for the people who would like to offer their house-sitting services to vacation owners, asking for their addresses ( to match them later), and contact information.

This allows to get the service up and running even before the actual app is finished.

Showing the mid-fidelity wireframes to the client during the meeting, I've got the approval.

Sign Up for Clients
UI Design


Being provided with a branding book specifying the usage of a logo, company colors, fonts, partially-website copy, and the names of existing partners and testimonials I've sketched the layout of the site- catchy header, company description, how they can be useful to their clients, trust elements, call to action buttons, and the contact information on the top and the bottom of the page.

Sign Up for clients and Apply for "Vcinos"-were a basis for the future up. This allowed the company to start gathering data even before the app went live.

Additional pages, like Blog ( to help the company's SEO ranking), FAQ ( to reduce the traction, as the service was pretty innovative), Privacy and Rules, and a Chat Bot ( for instant communication) were designed supporting the brand look and feel.

All the designs were prepared in Desktop and Mobile versions.

Interactive prototypes were made in Invision.

Full hi-fi mockup is available on Sketch Cloud: Desktop and Mobile.
Home Page.png
Blog Post.png


Desktop Prototype is available for download here.
Mobile Prototype is available for download here.