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Challenge: is a platform that connects translators from different part of the world, clients, and administrators ( also named as Team), who are managing all the orders for translators.

This is a redesign of the previous version of the site, that was initially created as an admin panel, making it not only user-friendly dashboard but also to be able to show all the stages of the process of translation- to company's project managers, translators, and clients.

Though the current platform they use lets them operate the company, the Team still has to do a lot of work manually and keep tons of information in their heads, which results in the slowdown in all the processes and makes keeps everything not scalable.


Role: UX Designer

In collaboration with  Jose Luis Perez (CreatEx)

Web Development: DS Xpress


Lo-fi sketches

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes


Usability Testing

User Flows

Tools Used

Pen and Paper 

Adobe XD


Project Requirements

Starting the project with a long interview with the stakeholders, I looked through the current version of the site, they were using for their work at the moment, ask about who are their clients and translators, working with them. I was gathering information about the entire process of the translation- from the quote request till the invoice is paid.

During this interview, and later- when I got  a chance to have a detailed look at the admin panel they were using, I've defined some major pain points and requirements. Among them:

On Team’s Dashboard

  • Alerts ( there are none at the moment)

  • Messaging between Team, Translators, Clients through the platform ( without using emails). Should have private chats (ex. Team member/translator or client) and group -between Team and the group of translators ( where translators cannot have communication between each other)

  • The track for Projects ( current, completed, pending)

  • Documents storage structured by Project

  • Invoice and payment tracking system

  • A progress bar on the stages of the order ( from clients Request for a quote till the job is completed and approved by client)

  • Every step for a Team member should be customizable ( adding corrections, attaching additional files when needed, etc)

  • Setting the priority system in order to “favorite” certain translators and send the request for translations first. We will need to let the Team change the order of translators in a particular language category for every project and set up a time that they allow translators for answering the email.

On the Translator’s Dashboard

  • The track for Projects ( current, completed, pending)

  • Invoice and Payment History (easily accessible and printable)

  • The place to set up the payment preferences ( how they want to get paid by PayPal, Skrill, Checks, Wire Transfers, Other)

  • Documents storage structured by Project

On the Client’s Dashboard

Being similar to the current one, it should additionally allow for

  • seeing the history of the project (with the name of the project, original and translated documents available for downloading at any moment), and invoicing

  • having different sections for Small and Corporate projects, when creating a new request.

Working on this project with my CreatEx team, we've decided on the layout, architecture, stages for tracking system ( it is slightly different for all 3 types of users).


Mid-fidelity wireframes were delivered together with the interactive prototype, tested and improved. As the all the stages of translations made through the site cause changes of status on other participants' dashboard, it was very important to provide the development team with User Flow and technical specifications.

The visual design, as well as development, was done by the DS Xpress team.

Interactive Prototype
Full mid-fi mockup is available on Sketch Cloud.
Mid-fidelity Wireframes
The mobile mockup and prototype are available on Sketch Cloud.
User Flow
Transators: User Flow

Detailed User Flow is available on

Visual Design

After the mid-fidelity wireframes were approved by the client, they were passed to the visual designer of DS Xpress, who applied the desired look and feel-energetic, young and fun, and moved the final design to the development team. 

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