Ok Vera

Responsive Website designed for online shoppers

Project Details



These days, when we all do online shopping on the go- for the kids birthday, for home, for our loved ones, or ourselves, we are always in the search for the best deal. 
Dozens of tabs open, countless screenshots...


Ok Vera is a solution for everyone, who wants to save time while browsing through the major retailers hunting for the best prices and quality. One-stop comparison shopping for busy people.

Technical limitations were the main concern throughout this project, which was meant to be not a normal online shopping website, but the price and quality comparing platform, giving the easy access to actual buying selected products on the merchant websites.

Company: Woman Choice Award

Role: UX Designer

Web Development: DS Xpress


Lo-fi sketches

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes


Usability Testing

Tools Used

Pen and Paper 



Project Requirements

Client, Woman Choice Award, for the last few years has been doing a great job gathering opinions of thousands of women from all over the USA about their favorite products. Last year, they've decided to go further, and help them to make their daily shopping experience more pleasant and productive.


Being invited to this project to outline the main functionality of the website, it's the layout, apart of the nice user experience, which was meant to be at the industry level, I had to have in mind the technical limitations, that the development team might face while building the website, as it was based on third-party APIs.

At the research stage, I was not only checking all the basic elements of the major retailers' websites (in order to make sure that we offer our users at least the same level of convenience and shopping experience, that they used to), but also I was comparing the search engines, categorizing of the products, filtering on the websites, to make sure, that I only include in the wireframes as much as is doable technically.


Mid-fidelity wireframes were delivered together with the interactive prototype, tested and improved.

The visual design, as well as development, was done by the DS Xpress team.

Interactive Prototype
Full mid-fi mockup is available on Sketch Cloud.
Mid-fidelity Wireframes
The mobile mockup and prototype are available on Sketch Cloud.
Visual Design

The current version of the website is available here.

After the mid-fidelity wireframes were approved by the client, they were passed to the visual designer of DS Xpress, who applied the desired look and feel-energetic, young and fun, and moved the final design to the development team.