Let Me In

Mobile App designed for gated communities in Miami

Project Details




Lines at the gated communities entrances, caused by the typical routine that requires security personnel to call residents to confirm that they are expecting someone to visit them, then issuing the temporary pass.

Let Me In is a Mobile App (iOS and Android) created to provide the associations and their residents with the tool, that would allow avoiding all this time-loss by enabling the residents for instant pass issuance right from their mobiles.

Company: LMI, LLC

Role: UX Designer

App Development: DS Xpress


Lean UX Canvas

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes


Usability Testing

High-Fidelity Mockups

Tools Used

Pen and Paper 



Let Me In App
Project Requirements

I was invited to this project to set the elements and the layout of the future app. Mid-fidelity wireframes were delivered together with the interactive prototype, tested and improved. The visual design, as well as development, was done by the DS Xpress team.

The scope of the project was defined by the stakeholders. This was supported by the list of functionality that should have been included in the app.


Among them:

  • Residents will download the app and find the community they live in

  • If their name is in the community, it will let them log on

  • Residents will import their phone contact list in the app

  • Residents will be able to choose a name from the list and choose a date and time for the guest to come, either for 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, etc.

  • Residents will receive a push notification that guest has arrived once security scanned and checked the ticket

  • Guest will receive a text message with a link to an image that will have a QR code

  • Security will open up a 3rd party QR code reader and scan the image from the guest's phone, which will allow security to see if the image is valid or not

  • Associations will be able to log on give access to security guards

  • Associations will be able to activate and deactivate residents


Mid-fidelity Wireframes
Administration Access
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Resident login entering name
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Verification needed
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Contact List Empty
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Contact List Imported
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Pass Details Single Pass
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Pass Details Permanent
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Guest list Passes addedCancel & Delete
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Guest Registration
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Guest Registration Scan QR
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Guest Registration QR Confirmation
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Guest Registration List
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Visual Design


After the mid-fidelity wireframes were approved by the client, they were passed to the visual designer of DS Xpress, who applied the desired look and feel, and moved the final design to the development team.

Let Me In app

The current version of the app is available on the App Store.

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Further Design Direction

As my official role in this project was limited to delivering the mid-fidelity wireframes, I took a liberty to go further and give the new look to the app. Inspired by the hi-end Miami buildings, sharpy architecture forms, colors giving the feel of security ( like blue and green), yet contrasting with the white and dark-grey background colors. 

Interactive Prototype
Full hi-fi mockup is available on Sketch Cloud.
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