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Challenge: Today, when people can ask Google almost everything, the concierge desk at hotels is still "hot". Getting to the new place, guests want to know all the tips&tricks in order to get that "local" feeling. But what if there are too many people waiting to talk to the concierge. What if it is late evening and he/she will not get back to work until the next day. Digital Concierge could be a perfect solution, as soon as it is totally able to transfer the idea of getting the first-hand information.

Company: Hotel | IronHack Bootcamp Project

Role: UX/UI Designer

Duration: 2 weeks (October 2017)



Lean UX Canvas

Lean Survey Canvas

Affinity Diagram

User Persona​

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

High-Fidelity Mockups


Usability Testing

Tools Used

Pen and Paper 




Web App will be designed for hotel guests in order to make sure that all the guests, including international ones, can get advice on the trip like if they would talk to their concierge, without any difficulties or awkwardness.

UX/UI challenge for me will be to design a product that will give simple answers to the most frequently asked questions as well as will be friendly for international travelers disregards of their language.



Hotel guests want to get tips & tricks that will let them feel like “locals”



Hotels want to use in the most effective way the man hours they are paying for  



To make hotel guests’ trip to a new city more smooth and pleasant



To design an App that will allow international travelers to use  it even with a basic English level


Surveys and Interviews were designed to answer three main questions:


  1. What are the top 5 most popular questions tourist prefer to ask a local person, instead of “Google”?

  2. If they would be offered to use a digital service for that kind of advice, which way they would like to use a service?

  3. Any other concerns or further discovery ways that may come out the open-ended question.​


Upon reviewing the research data, my original assumptions were disproved in some points.

As the answers to the first question were not a big surprise- as 2000 years ago, people still want "Bread and Circuses".

But the answers to the second question disproved my original assumption that a product should be developed for Ipads that would be installed in hotel lobbies ( for the easy access of everybody who doesn't have internet on their phones while traveling). Only 3% of responders would prefer this option. So I've decided to go further with a responsive web app that can b opened from all the different types of phones.

Here are more detailed answers to my main questions:

Research results

Based on demographic and travel habits questions answered during my research, I've defined who our typical hotel guest is.



Made in a Balsamiq, low-fidelity wireframes help to start building the user-flow of a future website.



High-fidelity screens design made in Sketch was transferred to Flinto in order to give it the feel of using.

You can click the image to check out the prototype.

Restaurant reservation

Restaurant Reservation

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Reservation Confirmed

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Restaurant Reservation-Party Size

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Restaurant Reservation-Time

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Restaurant Reservation-Date

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Home Page

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Restaurant Menu

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Restaurant Description

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Choose a Restaurant

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Restaurant Reviews

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