CRM dashboard designed for car brokers

Project Details




The client is a car broker with a big experience and a clients base. Normal daily operations were done in Excel format- all the leads, clients, deals-past and current, even the financial data. It was well organized, but very limiting the scalability and collaboration within a team.

As a solution, we've offered to design a CRM dashboard that would conveniently present all the information needed to create a lead, transform it into the deal and follow up with the clients. ALl in one place.


The next step will be designing the app, that would give brokers access to the actual data, when they are out of the office, meeting with the clients.

Company: CustomVin

Role: UX Designer

App Development: DS Xpress


Lo-fi sketches

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes


Usability Testing

High-Fidelity Mockups

Tools Used

Pen and Paper 



Project Requirements

I was invited to this project to define the architecture of the platform, set the elements and the layout. Mid-fidelity wireframes were delivered together with the interactive prototype, tested and improved. The visual design, as well as development, was done by the DS Xpress team.

The scope of the project was based on the data stored in Excell sheets, the stakeholders (and the main users) requests on adding additional functionality.

Interactive Prototype
Full mid-fi mockup is available on Sketch Cloud.
Mid-fidelity Wireframes



Visual Design


After the mid-fidelity wireframes were approved by the client, they were passed to the visual designer of DS Xpress, who applied the desired look and feel, and moved the final design to the development team. Throughout the whole development process, I was participating in creating technical specifications, sitemap, testing, and communicating the client's needs and expectations to the development team. Currently (spring 2019) the platform is in beta testing.

The current version of the website is available here.


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